General Agreements

Vndel reserves the right to suspend or terminate, in whole or in part, any services provided to the client when it deems that these services have been used improperly. Vndel also reserves the right to refuse or not provide a service.

Unlawful activities, including those involving the storage or distribution of illegal copies of copyrighted programs, such as games and others, violations of copyright and trademark rights, violations of the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or the sale or distribution of unlawful materials, are strictly prohibited.

Vndel has the right to send SMS messages to its clients when requested by the client or regarding the company's activities, services, and public events, etc.

Abuse of the Internet, such as sending unsolicited emails, distributing programs via email, posting messages to a large number of "spam" groups, publishing obscene messages, threatening and inciting messages, etc., is strictly prohibited.

Disclaimer: Vndel is not responsible for any damages that may occur to any client. It does not provide any guarantees - explicitly or implicitly - regarding the services it provides. The use of our services is solely the responsibility of the client. Vndel does not guarantee that its services will be uninterrupted or error-free, but it will make every possible effort to provide protection and stability to the servers and achieve a minimum service disruption. The client is not entitled to claim compensation from Vndel for any inability to use its services, including but not limited to:

Service interruptions.

Errors resulting from misuse.

Internet connection problems.

DNS-related issues.

Hacks or sabotage attempts.

Privacy Policy

Violation of Privacy Policy or Agreement

In the event of a violation of the privacy policy, service agreement, or Vndel's specific provisions, Vndel has the right to terminate the user's account without prior notice and without refunding any paid amounts. If a client attempts to harm Vndel, including but not limited to (Vndel's system, servers, reputation, business, services, its network, operations, or equipment), legal action will be taken against them.

Clients are not allowed to defame Vndel or insult its employees or administrators. Instead, clients have the right to address the relevant authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to file complaints. Attempting to defame or insult - in any form - gives Vndel the full right to terminate the contract and refuse to provide any services to the client.

Reselling Vndel services without written permission from Vndel's management is strictly prohibited, except in cases where the client is an authorized distributor for Vndel.

To protect the data of our valued customers and provide maximum security measures to maintain the confidentiality of this data, a security question and its answer have been adopted in the customer control panel on our website. This ensures the client's identity when requesting any sensitive information or in case of a security breach of their email - the one used for registration in their Vndel client area. For utmost importance, we urge all our esteemed clients to choose a secret question and answer that is kept confidential.

It is emphasized that you are responsible for maintaining the security of your account and are fully responsible for all activities that occur using your account and any other actions taken to contact Vndel through it, whether through your main account or through any sub-account.

Vndel has the right to cancel a client's subscription at any time without explaining the reasons, provided that the remaining amount is refunded to the client.


If a client engages in deception or circumvents any techniques used in the customer area on our website, it is a clear violation of the website's terms of use. We regret to inform that the client's account will be suspended; and as this causes the company to spend time on administrative and technical matters, a compensatory fine must be paid to reopen the account.

Hosting and Servers Services

General Commitments and Rights:

Vndel commits to ensuring the client's comfort, providing the best services, continuously developing them, and making every effort to serve the client regarding hosting and server services.

Vndel pledges to inform the client promptly, clearly, and transparently about the status of the server hosting their website.

Vndel undertakes to provide protection and stability to servers and the network with an uptime rate of 99.9%.

Vndel pledges to maintain the client's personal data in full confidentiality, and it will not be disclosed to any party except governmental or international entities upon their official request. The client will be directly notified when such information is disclosed unless otherwise required by law.

Payment, Renewal, and Cancellation:

The requested service is executed after the client pays the service fees. In the case of renewal, the service subscription is renewed upon receiving the renewal fees. It is the client's responsibility to monitor renewal invoices and make payments before the due date.

If the due invoice is not paid, Vndel will send a reminder to the client. Note that the invoicing system automatically sends reminders before issuing the invoice with a period of at least 7 days. If the payment is not made on the last day of the due period, the client's account is automatically deleted from the server to free up space for another client. Vndel is not responsible for files or contents of the terminated account in any form.

Vndel may keep a copy of the client's website for a specified period not exceeding two weeks as a paid service. The client needs to pay the corresponding fee if they wish to process this backup.

For clients with full Dedicated Servers, the last day for payment and renewal is the 25th of each month. If payment is not made before the beginning of the 26th day of the month, the service is automatically closed, and the client is notified of the suspension via email. Additionally, if the client is subscribed to Vndel's mobile service, they will receive a message on their mobile phone. There are no guarantees for retaining a backup copy.

Dedicated Servers are billed on a unified invoicing system. All invoices for our Dedicated Servers service are unified, starting from the 26th to the 25th of each month. If the new month's invoice is not paid after this date, the service is automatically closed at the beginning of the 26th day of the month.

If you do not wish to renew your server, you must submit a cancellation request before the 19th of the month. Invoices for renewal are issued on the 19th of each month, and if the invoice is issued, the client has no right to request service cancellation and will be required to renew.

Price Changes, Special Offers, and Coupons

Price Changes: When subscribing to one of the hosting plans or services at the official service price, the renewal of the subscription will be at the same price. This is applicable in the case of Vndel making changes to the service price, whether an increase or decrease. The client is not entitled to request a change to the renewal price to match the new price unless they are a new subscriber.

Special Offers and Coupons: Vndel provides special offers from time to time, divided into two categories: the first is exclusive to new customers, and the second is exclusive to existing customers. Each offer has its own conditions that must be met.

Coupons are only usable for new subscriptions and cannot be used when renewing a subscription. When subscribing to a service with a discount coupon, the discount applies only at the time of subscription and does not include the renewal of the service.

Website and Server Contents

The client is fully responsible for the content of the website in front of Vndel and legal authorities.

Certain programs and content are strictly prohibited on our servers, including all hosting services (shared hosting, cloud servers, full dedicated servers). Prohibited content includes, but is not limited to, Mail Bombers/Spam, IRC, Proxy Scripts, Pirated Software/Warez, IP Scanners, Bruteforce Programs, Hacking Software, Cracks/Keygens.

Posting and distributing copyrighted content without prior permission from the rights owner is prohibited. In case Vndel discovers this, it has the right to close the website.

The use of any unauthorized programs or scripts is prohibited. If a complaint is filed against a site using an unlicensed copy of software, the site will be closed, and the owner will be asked to delete the program or script or obtain an official license from the producing party.

Hosting of terrorist websites, incitement against groups and individuals, defamation of individuals and groups, as well as pornographic or politically attacking websites, is strictly prohibited. All of these are considered a violation of the terms of service.

Shared hosting services are designed for hosting websites and providing email services and are not intended for commercial use.

Transferring Customer Websites from the Previous Hosting

Vndel provides a website transfer service for customers, allowing them to transfer their hosting from another provider to Vndel servers. The hosting team is committed to offering the best services for customer data transfer, ensuring its safety and speed. However, website transfer is offered as an additional free service when booking hosting from Vndel. Vndel is not obligated to provide this service in all transfer cases, as some other service providers do not offer a seamless data transfer method, making it challenging for the hosting team. Ensuring website compatibility before the transfer and the safety of files and databases after the transfer is primarily the responsibility of the customer. Note that you can use the paid website transfer service.

After booking hosting services from Vndel, and after the client has exceeded 30 days, they are not entitled to claim the transfer of any data to their hosting in Vndel. However, the client can request data transfer service as a one-time paid service.

The service is continually provided for free with dedicated servers and cloud servers with advanced management. For dedicated servers and cloud servers with regular management, the transfer service is offered as a paid option.

Data Loss and Backups

The customer is responsible for keeping a copy of the files on their site (not on Vndel servers). Vndel is not responsible for any lost files, information, or data. Vndel provides daily, weekly, and monthly backup services (depending on the type of service), executed as efficiently as possible. However, unforeseen problems may occur beyond our control, such as the inability to complete backups or hard drive failure. Therefore, we do not assume any responsibility. Please make sure to have an off-site backup. We do our best, but sometimes things don't go as planned!

Hacking and Denial of Service Attacks on Our Servers and Vice Versa

The use of Vndel servers for carrying out attacks or hacking operations on other networks, servers, or sites is strictly prohibited. Vndel has the full right to cancel the service of any client involved in such activities.

Vndel has the right to defend its clients by taking any action deemed appropriate without prior warning or notice. Vndel will not be responsible in any case for any amounts paid or refunded if Vndel finds an attempt to violate or damage the server.

Shared Hosting Service

Multiple customers are hosted on shared hosting servers, where they all share resources without harming each other. Shared hosting service is designed for hosting websites, their content, and site files. It is not allowed to use it as file hosting or storage centers (archives/backups) or any content beyond the scope of websites. Vndel has the right to close websites that use space for other unauthorized purposes.

Vndel is committed to providing shared hosting servers with the same hardware quality on a stable network, regular server maintenance, real-time server monitoring, and 24/7 technical support for the shared hosting service itself. Note that Vndel is not obligated to provide technical support for scripts hosted on shared hosting service. If specific technical support is provided, it is at the discretion and satisfaction of the customer.

Any attempt to hack or interfere with the server by any account on shared hosting exposes the site to deletion without prior notice to the customer, and the customer is not entitled to claim any amounts paid.

Space and Contents:

All shared hosting plans allow unlimited space as long as all account contents are related to website files and their contents only. Some files are not allowed to be uploaded, such as games, songs, or download centers. Using the account for storing backups or archive files is not allowed on shared hosting plans. Also, keeping a cPanel backup after creating it inside your account is prohibited. Any account found dedicated to this purpose will be deleted without notification, and the account owner cannot claim any rights.

Monthly Traffic:

All shared hosting plans allow you to use unlimited traffic, provided that this usage does not violate any of the company's terms of use (Vndel).

Number of Files:

All plans are limited by the number of files, and if this limit is exceeded, the account is considered in violation of the agreement and must be upgraded to a larger service (you can find the number of files available for each plan from the shared hosting plans list on our website). You can also check your current consumption through the cPanel using the Inodes Usage feature.

Resource Consumption:

For each shared hosting plan, there is a limit on resource consumption of RAM, CPU, and processes. If any of these factors exceed the allowed limit, the site will stop for a while until the consumption drops below the maximum limit, after which the site will resume operation. This is done automatically without any intervention from technical support. You can check your current consumption through cPanel using the Resources Usage feature.


Each shared hosting plan is limited by the number of emails per hour, which varies from one plan to another. This limit cannot be exceeded, and in case of exceeding it, the messages will enter a queue and be distributed over other hours based on (quantity/number). Note that the email service is an included and free service within hosting plans. Hosting plans are primarily designed to host websites securely and stably, as well as to provide the necessary requirements for the operation of their applications. They are not primarily intended for email hosting. If you are using the email service on your site primarily, you can contact us to inquire about business email systems.

Upgrade and Downgrade:

Customers can always upgrade or downgrade plans at their convenience. In any case of upgrading, the price difference is automatically calculated, with the upgrade being to the higher plan within the same billing cycle. Downgrading a plan is not part of the differential calculation system, and the customer is obligated to pay the full value of the new plan. We always recommend subscribing to longer periods to ensure the best price.


Vndel provides backup service for websites (daily, weekly, monthly) through the external backup service VndelBS for free. Database backups are performed every (6) hours with retention of 12 previous copies, weekly and monthly copies. Site files are copied every 3 days with retention of 6 previous copies. However, the customer is responsible for maintaining their site and taking periodic backups to keep them in a secure place.

Hacking and Service Blocking on Our Servers and Vice Versa:

Vndel provides server rental service for uses related to website services and hosting. Customers can also use the server for other technologies, such as virtualization, backup, or any other legitimate technologies and services that do not cause harm to others. However, Vndel does not allow the use of private servers for purposes that may cause harm to others in any way. If such activities are discovered by Vndel or reported by other parties, Vndel will verify the matter and take appropriate action, which may include canceling the service provided to the customer.

IPv4 IP Type:

Each server includes one (1) IP with the total server price, and the number of IPs can be increased to 5 IPs at a monthly cost. If more than 5 IPs are requested, 16-32 IPs (one block) can be added as a paid service for each IP monthly. This request requires approval from the network administration, and approval takes 72 hours on business days. Requests are accepted based on the customer's need for additional IPs, and the request may be rejected, depending on the customer's need.

Every private server customer is fully responsible for the safety and reputation of IPs and for not listing the IP in the suspicious IP list due to sending spam, intrusion, or fraud on others.

All private servers are limited by monthly traffic, which is reset automatically every 1st of the month. When the server reaches the last available 500 gigabytes of traffic, the customer will be contacted and informed of the need to upgrade. The customer has the right not to upgrade, and in this case, the server will be closed when the consumption reaches 100%. Note that the upgrade is for a minimum of one month, and after that, the traffic can be reduced to a lower capacity. Upgrading to a larger capacity is always available.

All private servers come with regular management service for free. Regular management includes hardware and network technical support only. Vndel is not obligated to provide any other technical support, such as fixing operating system problems or adjusting settings for a specific operation. If the customer is unable to manage the server on their own, Vndel provides an advanced management service, which includes all technical aspects of the server. The advanced management plan does not provide Administrator (root) control over the server for the customer, as complete control is with Vndel to ensure server stability and operation according to the customer's desire. The level of advanced management is determined based on the number of hosted sites on the server.

Maintaining a backup copy of data is primarily the customer's responsibility. Maintaining an internal copy within the server itself is not sufficient. In the event of a server breach or hardware problem, Vndel will not be responsible for it. Subscribing to the VndelBS service is separate from this text.

Technical Support for Hosting and Servers:

If you need technical support, please open a support ticket with the (Hosting Support) department by logging into your customer area.

Hosting Support Working Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and every day of the year.

Hosting Distributors

Vndel is committed to everything stated in the Service Agreement regarding the shared hosting services it provides, in addition to the following:

1. Provide all the features specified by distributor programs on the service definition page.

2. Offer special discounts to each distributor based on the distributor level.

The declared distributor must adhere to the following:

1. Have a dedicated website through which hosting services are provided.

2. Place an advertisement on their official website, offering hosting from Vndel and indicating their status as an authorized distributor receiving discounts on the unlimited hosting plan.

3. Display the Vndel logo at the bottom of their official website to indicate hosting from Vndel.

4. Use Vndel's cPanel and DNS control panel.

The undeclared distributor must adhere to the following:

1. New Customers: The customer must purchase at least 5 hosting plans to reach the first level of distributors.

2. Existing Customers: Discounts are accounted for starting from the sixth site.

3. Renewal for old accounts is at the same price as the initial purchase.

Violations that distributors may commit:

1. Violating any of the terms of the Service Agreement or the terms of the Distributor Program they are part of.

2. Using distributor hosting services in violation of Vndel's specific agreement regarding shared hosting or any of the hosting services it provides.

Disclaimer, Notices, and Suspension of Approval:

Vndel does not assume any financial, legal, or regulatory responsibility towards distributor customers.

In the event of a distributor violating any of Vndel's agreement terms, the following steps are taken:

1. First Stage: The distributor is notified of the violation and given a 48-hour grace period to rectify it. Failure to do so leads to the second stage.

2. Second Stage: Full suspension of the distributor's discounts. If the violation persists, the third stage is initiated.

3. Third Stage: Complete revocation of the distributor's approval.


Vndel registers domains requested by customers through Vndel, and provides a mechanism for controlling their domain through the Vndel client area.

Vndel is committed to facilitating the transfer of a customer's domain to another company by providing an EPP code, which will be sent to their registered email as the domain owner. The customer can then follow the transfer through the links provided in that email.

Domain Private Protection:

Vndel offers a paid service for protecting domains from any theft attempts. This includes the following measures:

1. Domain transfer can only occur upon the customer's request through opening a ticket via the client area.

2. Vndel is the sole entity that can unlock the domain; the customer cannot do so themselves.

3. Requesting approval to disable the lock requires the customer to answer their security question.

4. This service is available for all domains reserved through us or transferred to us, whether the domain is hosted with us or any other host.

Verification of the Identity of the Customer Subscribing to the Protection Service:

Customer identity is verified by their response to the security question associated with their account. This information can only be changed by the customer. Even if someone else gains access to their login credentials, or if their registered email is stolen, or if a device is left logged into their Vndel account, they cannot alter this information.

Customers are obliged to regularly update and modify domain ownership information to ensure the domain owner's record is always up-to-date.

Vndel is not responsible for the expiration of domain ownership annually or longer if the customer does not settle the fees notified to them before one month of expiration, in addition to four consecutive reminders before expiration at 7, 5, 3, and 1 day. The invoice must be paid before the last day of the ownership period.

Vndel is not responsible for domains that were not registered through them; it is the customer's responsibility to monitor their domain's renewal date through the company they used to register the domain. They can request to transfer their domain to Vndel to manage and renew it directly.

When a domain is reserved through Vndel, ownership belongs to the customer. They have the right to transfer, modify data, and manage their domain as they see fit, and Vndel is committed to facilitating this.

Fees for domain reservation or renewal are non-refundable.

Cloud Server Service


The service is not reserved or activated until the corresponding fees are deposited.

Vndel applies a unified billing system for cloud server customers, where renewal invoices are issued on the 20th day of each Gregorian month.

When a customer reserves one of the cloud server plans on any day of the month, they commit to the unified billing system. The invoice is calculated from the day the server is received and operational until the 26th of the same month.

Vndel provides cloud server rental services for website-related services and hosting. The customer is also allowed to use the server for other technologies, such as Backup or any legal and legitimate services and technologies that do not harm others.

All cloud servers have a monthly traffic limit that is automatically reset on the 1st day of each month.


The server is not renewed until the renewal invoice is paid.

The service renewal invoice is issued on the 20th of the Gregorian month.

Customers can settle due invoices within [7] days before the invoice due date, from the 20th to the 26th of the Gregorian month.

A reminder is sent to the customer's email within [7] days (as their payment period).

If the renewal invoice is not paid on time, the service is automatically closed without our intervention.

If the service is not renewed by the specified date, Vndel may retain the server contents for a week, anticipating any circumstances preventing the customer from communicating with us and renewing the service. After that period, the server contents are deleted, and Vndel is not responsible for any data loss.

Vndel reserves the right to change its service prices periodically according to its marketing plans.


The fees for cloud server plans are non-refundable after reservation or renewal.

Customers can request service cancellation at any time without contacting Vndel, through their dedicated client area.

Customers can request non-renewal of the service before the renewal invoice date, before the 20th of the Gregorian month.

If the service is inactive, the customer will not be able to obtain a backup of their cloud server. In this case, the customer must renew the service.

Customer Responsibilities:

Vndel prohibits the use of cloud servers for purposes that harm others in any way. If such usage is discovered, Vndel will investigate and take appropriate action, which may include canceling the service if harm to others is proven.

The customer is fully responsible for the contents of their site, both to Vndel and relevant legal authorities.

The customer is responsible for maintaining a backup of the files on their site.

Publishing and distributing copyrighted content without prior permission is prohibited. In case of such violation, Vndel has the right to close the site.

The primary responsibility for maintaining a backup of data rests with the customer. Relying on internal backups within the server is insufficient, as Vndel is not responsible for providing a backup in case of server intrusion or hardware issues. It is recommended to subscribe to the Vndel Backup Service.

Certain software is not allowed on cloud servers, including, but not limited to: Mail Bombers/Spam, IRC, Proxy Scripts, Pirated Software/Warez, IP Scanners, Bruteforce Programs, Hacking Software, Cracks/Keygens.

The use of Vndel servers for carrying out attacks or hacking operations on networks, servers, or websites is strictly prohibited. Vndel has the full right to cancel the service for any customer engaging in such activities.

The customer is fully responsible for the integrity and reputation of IP addresses, refraining from listing IPs as suspicious due to sending spam or unauthorized intrusion on others.

Acquiring the service and activating it implies the customer's agreement to all the terms mentioned in the agreement.

All cloud servers come with standard management service for free, covering technical support related to hardware and network issues only. Vndel is not obligated to provide any other technical support, such as troubleshooting operating system problems or adjusting settings for specific purposes. In case the customer is unable to manage the server themselves, Vndel provides an Advanced Management Service, which includes all technical and server-related aspects. The Advanced Management Plan does not provide Administrator (root) control over the server to the customer, as complete control remains with Vndel to ensure server stability and operation according to the customer's wishes. The level of advanced management is determined based on the number of hosted sites on the server.

Vndel Backup Service

Once you subscribe to one of the backup services, whether for individuals or distributors, you will receive comprehensive technical and customer support, including:

1. Installation or removal of the client software and server configuration to align with the service.

2. Server linking and specifying the partitions to be backed up, along with other settings.

3. Assisting the customer in recovery operations in emergency cases.

4. Updating the client software and related components throughout the subscription period (may require providing login credentials to the server).

5. Providing tips and guidance to ensure optimal use.

Technical and customer support does not cover any issues beyond the scope of Vndel Backup Service.

Terms of Use

First, ensure that your server is compatible with the service before subscribing (we can assist in determining compatibility). Simply review the Customer Services section and provide them with your server details.

In case of making fundamental changes to the system or server, inform technical support to ensure the service's proper functioning. We will not be responsible for service interruptions caused by changes to the client's server without notifying us of the fundamental alterations.

Hacking and Misuse

At Vndel, we prioritize providing a high level of security for our customers and do not accept any damages, whether intentional or unintentional, caused by the customer or any other party outside the scope of Vndel.

Using the service for purposes other than data backup and security is strictly prohibited.

Upon detecting any hacking or intrusion attempts by the customer, the service will be permanently terminated, and any paid amounts will not be refunded. The matter may also be reported to governmental authorities.

Service Redistribution

Vndel Backup Service is redistributable to other parties by the original subscriber, for both individual and business categories. The following conditions must be met:

1. Inform the other party that the service is provided by Vndel.

2. Vndel is not obligated to provide technical support to other parties, and the original subscriber is responsible for support if they choose to resell the service (except for business category subscriptions).

3. Misunderstandings or financial issues with other distributor parties do not obligate Vndel. Vndel is committed to dealing with the original subscriber only.

Financial Transactions, Accounts, and Invoices

Payment Method

Fees must be paid before activating any service.

Fees are non-refundable.

Full payment is required before any hosting services are provided.

Vndel accepts payment through credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), via PayPal service (www.paypal.com).

Additional Features and Service Add-Ons

Any of our additional features can be added at any time.

Paid costs are non-refundable, regardless of whether the service is used.

PayPal: Fees are calculated in real-time for the current and upcoming billing period until the end of its billing cycle.

Services will be activated upon fee payment and approval by the Accounts department.

Renewal and Billing Schedule:

For the customer, seven (7) days before the due date of the renewal invoice, upon transferring the amount to Vndel, deposit details must be provided to the Accounts department to renew the service for the upcoming period.

Upon depositing any amount to settle any invoice, confirmation of the deposit must be made, notifying us within a period not exceeding 48 hours.

A reminder will be sent to the customer's email within 7 days, serving as the payment period. If payment is not made before the specified date, your account will be automatically deleted, and we will not be responsible for data loss or service interruption.

The full amount must be transferred before any services are provided.

If you know you will be away from the internet or on vacation and unable to communicate or make payments for due invoices, make sure to notify us before the due date, pay the invoices before issuance, or add credit to cover the payment cost.

If the renewal amount is not paid on time, the service will be suspended.

Transfers from outside Saudi Arabia will only be processed through Al Rajhi Bank.

A bank transfer fee of $8 will be added to the total invoice amount, for example, if the invoice is $100, the transfer will be $108, with $8 deducted by the bank and $100 for settling our service invoice. Note that the local bank may charge additional separate fees.

Vndel reserves the right to change prices at any time, and the terms of this agreement may change, and you should be aware of it.

All cash transactions are in US dollars, the official currency used by the company (Vndel).

The customer commits to paying the service fees requested at the same time they request the service.

In the case of subscribing to any of the unlimited shared hosting plans, the customer has the right to cancel the plan and receive a full refund without specifying any reason, provided the customer or the account does not violate any of the terms and conditions of Vndel's user agreement. The request for service cancellation and refund must be made within 30 days of the subscription activation date.

cPanel license fees are non-refundable.

Domain reservation or renewal fees are non-refundable.

Reserved credit amounts are non-refundable and can be used when purchasing or renewing any of our services.

Service Cancellation

Vndel reserves the right to terminate customer service at any time if the account is closed due to a violation of our privacy policy, and no compensation will be provided.

Customers can cancel the service at any time within our terms, and requests should be sent to the Customer Services department through tickets.

If a customer requests cancellation, their account will be terminated immediately unless there are backups held by Vndel, in which case we reserve the right to terminate the service without prior notice.

If an account is canceled due to non-payment for a dedicated or cloud server or shared hosting, Vndel has the right to delete the site's content without notice, and the server or space will be made available for another client.


Customers are not entitled to claim compensation from Vndel for any damage resulting from the use of Vndel's products or services, personal injury, or property damage caused by products or services sold or distributed by Vndel. This also includes any content on the customer's site that violates the rights of third parties or contains content that violates the rights of third parties. The customer is obligated to pay any fees requested as a result of such violations and any legal consequences.